Irenie Rose

My name is Irenie Rose. I grew up on the Isle of Lewis.

My siblings and I were brought up with lots of music and musical instruments in the house. The music that I always go back to is Scottish traditional even though I like a lot of different kinds. I’ve been told that when we were wee, my little bother and I couldn’t help bobbing to trad on the radio, even if we were grumpy…

Irenie RoseI love soundtracks. That’s where I’ve come across most songs I know. I find that the visuals and audio enhance each other so much that I end up with surprising favourites.

When I began to play the guitar, I found it suited me – my fingers mostly did what they were told. Because I didn’t know many/any songs, I decided to write some. I first sang in public by myself, singing my own songs, in 2010. It was scary but surprisingly ok. Stornoway was a great place to start because there’s such a tight music community. Everyone is lovely and kind. Over time, the addition of a loop pedal (a.k.a. one’s own private choir) has become a core part of my set.

Since then I have played in and around the UK (and in Sweden, Belgium and Austria too!), supporting amazing artists, playing festivals and getting to be on the radio and TV – crazy!

Still alive and keeping on. See ya!


Irenie has an EP called Peat Bog which can be found on her website.

Miss Irenie Rose from Lewis. If you want to solve an intriguing mystery, try to define the unique sound and presence of Lewis singer songwriter Miss Irenie Rose.

There’s something quite old-fashioned and charming about the live performances – but there’s also something thoroughly modern in the earwormy hooks you find in all her songs … ”